Unhinged by Phoenyx Slaughter

Unhinged by Phoenyx SlaughterUnhinged by Phoenyx Slaughter Buy on Amazon
Unhinged was a fun quick read for me.  It is a shorter MC or Motorcycle Club book by an author I haven’t read yet.  I would consider this a standalone but I wouldn’t start with this one since there are other in the series before it.  Some of the storyline was a little cloudy for me because I haven’t read the others but it was still a great read.  Some of the latest MC books I have read lately are lighter on the Motorcycle Club aspect and more on the relationship and Unhinged had a more even balance.
Blaise and Kadence’s story starts off after Kadence disappears on Blaise for a bit. This is the part where it will be helpful to read the previous books.  They’ve had some trouble in the past and struggle briefly to overcome it. Kadence fights it for a bit and Blaise has his work cut out for him.  Unhinged is definitely steamy making it a fun hot read.  I always love the aspects of an outlaw MC club and this delivers without being gory or dark. Some Motorcycle Club books tend to go overboard and I feel the author balanced it well.
I would recommend Unhinged to anyone looking for a hot, quick, fun book focused on outlaw bikers and the brotherhood they have created.  It’s isn’t necessarily a hearts and flowers romance but definitely one click it for a fun escape.

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