Seducing the Stargazer by Kim Carmichael

Seducing the Stargazer by Kim CarmichaelSeducing the Stargazer by Kim Carmichael Pages: 325
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Seducing the Stargazer is the first book in the Billionaires with Brains series. The story while slow to begin with captivates you, which helps keep the pages turning. It is a romantic novel that gives people a second chance at love.

Dr. Winchester Carlsbad was also known as Wynn, is an astronomer and scientist who begins to work closely with Dr. Garner Knox who also happens to be an old flame. Garner goes to Wynn for help in the prevention of a catastrophic rocket launch. She refuses and turns his mission upside down, alongside his feelings for her.

This is my first book by Kim Carmichael. It is beautifully written and makes you feel like you are there in the moment. It’s an entertaining, loved up read that is perfect for anyone looking for light fluffy love and not something  I would have picked up based on the blurb.


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