Hook: No Prisoners MC Novella by Lilly Atlas

Hook: No Prisoners MC Novella by Lilly AtlasHook: No Prisoners MC Novella by Lilly Atlas Pages: 109
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I love a good juicy read about guys in an MC or Motorcycle Club. This was a novella and is a great introduction to a new MC world. Although this book I would consider lighter on the MC details and heavier on the relationships. Novellas are generally not my favorite especially when it is the first book I read introducing a new series. I enjoy them as a bonus to previous books but I generally don’t jump to read a regular novella. Well, this was a great intro for me to Lilly Atlas and her MC world. I didn’t feel the story was rushed or over the top which I have felt in the past about short books. Lilly pulls off a full-length novel in a compact story.

Marcie comes back to her hometown to bury her mom after being away for a long time. She brings her jerk of a boyfriend and is forced to face the music back home. She runs into her two favorite friends from way back and the fun begins. Hook and Striker are MC members and I loved their banter from the beginning. Everything from how they got their MC nicknames to their deep friendship and fierce protectiveness of Marcie.

Hook and Marcie have sparks from the start and it was great to watch. Her boyfriend Tanner causes a great deal of trouble and Lilly Atlas sure knows how to detail the awkwardness between Hook, Marcie and Tanner. I was literally cringing in certain chapters that’s how well written it was. The ending was action packed and this novella definitely packs a punch until the very end. Marcie and Hook’s story is a hot, unexpected nail-biter that amazed me to see how well written a short story could be. Pick this one up!


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