Into the Heat by Tamara Lush

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Into the heat was a great read for me.  It is definitely a story with some substance to it. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a light airy read.  It has some deep emotional issues that are touched upon.  This is a second chance romance with an amazing storyline.
Leo is a war veteran who returns to the island he spent some time in during his youth. He is there to open a bakery for the family business. Jessica has lived on the island and is running her family’s inn. I don’t want to give anything away because the different elements that this love story has is something I’ve never seen.
Leo and Jess meet up again after five years apart and instantly the sparks fly. Leo suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in Afghanistan and is struggling to survive through his depression. The author goes into some detail about his struggles and his heart-tugging journey. I feel like she wrote the flashback scenes so well you feel for him. I have never read a book that went into this much detail about PTSD. I feel she had the perfect balance within the storyline and it didn’t overpower the romance part of the story.
Jessica also struggles with some serious issues and she definitely had an uphill battle at times to move on from them.
This is a definite one click for me because it is such a deep love story with some meat to it and some steamy parts too. There is also a lot of storylines I haven’t mentioned about their past and some great twists the author throws at you and it makes this book amazing and I won’t ruin it by telling you. I would recommend you take this journey and read Into the Heat.

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