Groupie by Susan Daugherty

Groupie by Susan DaughertyGroupie by Susan Daugherty Pages: 257
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Groupie by Susan Daugherty is the first book in a two book duo focused around Jack and Lexie.  You will definitely want to read Muse which is part two right after finishing Groupie because it ends in a cliffhanger.  Susan Daugherty is a new author to me and I breezed through Groupie.  Susan sucks you in and keeps you up late at night to see what fun Jack and Lexie will have.
Jack is a country music star and Lexie is a Doctor and their paths collide when Jack is injured. This was a storyline I don’t think I have come across before which was refreshing.  This story is what I would consider a slow burn book where the emotional buildup takes a while before the physical connection takes flight.  There was actually minor physical contact in the entire first book between the two.  This is a slow moving path of discovery for Jack and Lexie.  While Jack has to recover physically and Lexie emotionally they seem to slowly work on it together.  Lexie quickly gets tossed into Jack’s world with some good and bad adjustments.  I especially loved how at each concert Jack had a surprise for Lexie definitely gives you the feels. The side characters are fun and some you will love and laugh with and others you will despise.  I would have rated this a 5 star but I think the daily detail of Jack’s treatment was too much.  I felt a lot of that could have been skimmed over because it was repetitive.  Although the book was still amazing and a must read.
The ending is what got me. The emotion the author details was gut wrenching and really makes you feel the heartache. I won’t ruin it but she can write a tear jerking ending. Another reason you want to clear your calendar to dive right into Muse!! Pick this one up!!

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