Game On by SC Daiko

Game On by SC DaikoGame On by SC Daiko Pages: 250
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2 hours! That is how long it took for me to devour this book. I’m sure I could have read it a lot faster, as it was almost impossible to put down!

This is a taboo story of a student – teacher relationship. On holiday in Ibiza for a hens weekend, sensible Beth decides to let her hair down and enjoy her time away from her average life. Beth meets a guy in a club, who had to leave abruptly but she remembered the tattoo of a scorpion on his arm. Fast forward 6 months, Beth is now a Spanish teacher who loves her job and is preparing for a new year. She soon learns about a new student in her class. She knew who he was immediately, the guy with the scorpion tattoo. Hello, Ryan.

Ryan is a football enthusiast and has his eyes and heart set on Beth. At almost 19 years old, Ryan is all man, except for his little bursts of immaturity. They both have immense chemistry but can they hide their attraction?

Ryan’s past soon catches up to his family which leaves Beth caught in the center in the most horrific way. Throughout this, you see two people truly fall in love with each other and refuse to let others interfere. Without any spoilers, the end is just perfect.

I love how SC Daiko has written this book, with the female being the older partner, and not your typical older male/ younger female relationships, especially in a setting so frowned upon. Game On is sexy, captivating, and heart pounding, it will certainly leave you wanting more.


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