Rough by Sybil Bartel

Rough by Sybil BartelRough on March 20, 2017
Pages: 242
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Sybil Bartel is a new author to me and Rough was a very fun read. When I started Rough within the first chapter or two I started to think great this is going to one of those stories where the sex overweighs the love story and this is one of those instant love books where the characters go at warp speed and make the book predictable. Well, I was glad to be very wrong. Jared and Sienna do develop feelings for each other quickly but Sybil Bartel pulls it off while making the story one you will remember.
Jared is an escort and Sienna is a woman who has been treated like garbage by her last boyfriend. Their worlds collide when Jared’s friend needs him to take over for one of his escort dates. The true alpha, arrogant personality of Jared is something you will probably hate or love but I love love loved it while reading Rough. I love an over the top arrogant alpha male and Jared doesn’t disappoint. The banter between him and Sienna and how it made their love story so much fun was one of my favorite parts of the book.
Rough is steamy but the author can pull off the building of their relationship perfectly at the same time. When you first glance at this book you might think it will go in a certain direction but hold on because it turns when you least expect it. Definitely, do not judge a book by its cover is what I needed to tell myself after seeing Jarred was an escort because you get the feels with this book and I suggest you go and dive in and devour it. I will be putting Sybil on my auto-read pile in the future.


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