LOST RIDER by Harper Sloan

LOST RIDER by Harper SloanLost Rider (Coming Home, #1) by Harper Sloan
on April 25th 2017
Pages: 400
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A book you won’t soon forget is the first thing that comes to mind as I finish Lost Rider. I have read every book Harper Sloan has ever released so to say I am a fan is an understatement and this new series is another winner. She knows how to write suspenseful stories with gorgeous alpha men. Harper also perfects interweaving characters so you get blissfully wrapped up in a long series of books where all the characters mingle together so well you won’t forget them for a very long time.
This beginning of her Coming Home series is a great start to hopefully a long series to come. In the past, she has written suspense with lots of rescuing of the heroines and holding your breath to see what happens but this is a slight departure from that. I feel like a lot of books I have read seem to have a bit of fluff and make quick work of plot lines. This story definitely has a great depth to it.
Maverick and Leigh have known each other forever and definitely had a rocky start. The book looks back on them as teenagers and you quickly learn the heartbreak that tore them apart.  Maverick is a famous bull rider while Leigh owns a popular Pie Shop. They come back together after awhile of being apart to instant chemistry. Lost Rider is set with a western theme and I have to say I loved it. Harper even named each chapter with a country song and it makes for a great playlist while reading.
While her other books are more action based Lost Rider focuses more on the characters and their struggle to overcome their past. While there is a heavy emphasis on emotion there is definitely a funny side as well as you get to know everyone. I highly recommend you go one click Lost Rider!!

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