Immure Diaries – Part I by H.Q. Frost


Title: Immure Diaries – Part I
Author: H.Q. Frost
Genre: Romantic Suspense
A chance encounter puts Akela Dietz in a stupor for the first time in years. When the encounter happens again and again, she becomes leery of the attractive Brit that puts a beat back into her heart.

Malcolm Corpseknot III is peculiar, too good looking to be true, and a trained killer. When his scope is set on Akela, he’s not sure if he wants to hit or miss. 
She’s a force to be reckoned with, already having given up on life, and she’s going to be the death of him. If she doesn’t end up dead first.

“Who are you?” she demanded answers, not realizing he was pulling her between two buildings.

“I told you, I’m Malcolm Corpseknot the third.”

Realizing she was being led to a shaded alley, Akela opened her lips to scream and he slapped his hand over her mouth.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” the promise was breathed softly into her ear. “Listen to me.” His lips were against her earlobe and his hand sat firmly clamped over her mouth. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to lower my hand. Do not scream.” His eyes met hers, waiting for a grunt, or nod, or some indication of an agreement, but she didn’t comply. “I want to lower my hand, Akela,” he slowly spoke, staring her in the eyes. “Are you going to scream?”
Akela shook her head yes and he chuckled, rubbing his forehead with his free hand.

H.Q. Frost is a fiction dictator that resides in Northeast Michigan with her busy family. She’s been writing since her teenage years as a hobby, but she decided to share her love with the world a few years ago! The exhilarating journey of the indie world is one she quickly fell in love with and she fan-girls when someone reads the fiction she’s created.


Immure Diaries
H.Q. Frost



























Immure Diaries was an interesting read.  It is a cliffhanger so you have to read the additional stories to get the conclusion of the story. It is love story but not your traditional love story, it is a little on the dark side. H. Q. Frost does have you guessing throughout the book as to the motives behind the characters. Malcolm the male main character has had a rough life. Abusive father who was a hit man. His mother left him and the family behind to get away from the father.  Malcolm follows in his fathers footsteps and becomes a hit man for higher as well. Akela is in real estate, but based off of how they meet and the connection of their characters it makes you question what may have happened to Aleka in her life as well. At this point in the story she has just lost her mother to cancer and has no remaining family. They meet in an airport where she is going on vacation and needs to use a cell phone, due to hers not working.  They have chemistry but in a dark way. Malcolm does not hide what he does for a living from Aleka, and in turn she does not shy away from it either. She is not afraid of him or the things he does for a living. Which makes me wonder if all she does is real estate? So I am interested in seeing how the rest of the story plays out. I am going to leave you in suspense about the ending scene because it has me wanting to read the next part in the series. Please let me know your thoughts about Immure Diaries

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