Cupcake by Sloan Kincaid Book Review

Cupcake (Complete Me Book 1) by Sloan Kincaid
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Hooked! I am simply hooked!

I was intrigued from the very beginning. It is funny, sexy and irritating! Anna and Shep aren’t your average couple – if you can even call it a relationship! She is 10years older, newly divorced and returning to school. Anna was once a pushover who is learning to use her backbone and becoming incredibly independent. Shep is a mysterious character who keeps mostly to himself with quite the poker face until he finally gets Anna to agree to drinks.

Anna and Shep scream chemistry! It was very obvious and strong from the start, their compatibility had me cheering for them! I enjoyed both characters with Anna’s vulnerable side and Shep’s strong sense of control. Anna wanted her independence but she also wanted Shep, a lot. Her want for him becomes more apparent the moment he starts to dominate her, but it isn’t the condescending, belittling dominance her ex-husband had over her.

The story flowed from start to finish, building the story and quick moving characters, which is to be expected with a fast paced book. Not once did I get bored, but quite the opposite, I have been left wanting more! I highly recommend this if you’re after a quick erotic romance!


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