The Black Lotus by Claire Warner Review

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Black Lotus is book one of the Night Flower series which is a Historical Paranormal Romance but it isn’t your average paranormal book, it has a twist. Claire Warner has this way of building up her characters that give you specific details of each person which helps you really visualize the people and the scenes, which just goes with her impeccable writing style and attention to detail.

It all starts with a girl, a boy, and a curse. First, you meet Melissa De Vire, I loved her character. She is a strong willed young lady going through her first court. She goes against the typical rules of the 1970’s as she wants control of her own life, wants to marry for love and to be able to do things like her male counterparts.

Melissa meets Justin and a few other undesirables throughout her first night. An incident happens and Melissa’s family think it’s best to move back to the country. This is when Melissa gets thrust into a new adventure that she wasn’t looking for but she was ready, even if it went against her families wishes.

The book builds the characters up slowly, but with everything that happens, it doesn’t get boring. Once secrets are shared, lives begin to change the book becomes so fast paced you get so drawn in that you simply can’t put the book down. I can’t wait to read Blood Orchid!


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